James Joyce, Leopold Bloom, and Leopold’s maneuver in year 1924

RD-blog-number-4204 reviews the James Joyce database involving Leopold Bloom …and the year 19.

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Leopold Bloom – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Leopold Bloom is the fictional protagonist and hero of James Joyce’s Ulysses. His peregrinations and encounters in Dublin on 16 June 1904 mirror, on a more …

Year 1904 –> the birth of literature character Leopold BLOOM …
….. and the super-symmetry existential MIRROR .. parallel processing ..
year 1904 –> Leopold and Loeb …..
Nathan Freudenthal Leopold, Jr. (Novel parallel …. Nove …November 19, 1904 – August 29, 1971)

Year 1904 –> 1924 Leopold and Loeb murder Robert Franks

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Ulysses (novel) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ulysses chronicles the peripatetic appointments and encounters of Leopold Bloom in Dublin in the course of an ordinary day, 16 June 1904. Ulysses is the …

Year 1904
Year 1904

Ulysses (novel) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ulysses is a modernist novel by Irish writer James Joyce. …. Bloom, after starting to prepare breakfast, decides to walk to a butcher to buy a pork kidney. … the wanderings of various characters, major and minor, through the streets of Dublin.

Walk with Leopold – Darcy’s Dublin Walks
Leopold Bloom is the central character in James Joyce’s great novel of Dublin, … From the National Library we will walk along Nassau Street where Joyce met ..

Walk with Leopold – Darcy’s Dublin Walks
Walk with Leopold – Darcy’s Dublin Walks
Walk with Leopold – walk steps …walk steps

Walk with Leopold – the 4 steps of Leopold
Walk with Leopold – the 4 steps of Leopold’s maneuver

Glossary: Leopold’s maneuvers – Perinatology.com
Leopold’s maneuvers are four specific steps in palpating the uterus through the abdomen in order to determine the lie and presentation of the fetus. In summary …

Images for leopold’s maneuver 4 steps

leopold manuever

In obstetrics, Leopold’s Maneuvers are a common and systematic way to determine the position of a fetus inside the woman’s uterus; they are named after the gynecologist Christian Gerhard Leopold. They are also used to estimate term fetal weight.[1]

The maneuvers consist of four distinct actions, each helping to determine the position of the fetus. The maneuvers are important because they help determine the position and presentation of the fetus, which in conjunction with correct assessment of the shape of the maternal pelvis can indicate whether the delivery is going to be complicated, or whether a Cesarean section is necessary.

Thus we look for examples of maneuvers ..extensions.. applications of Leopold’s maneuvers.

First, let’s review some concepts.

Leopold Bloom in Dublin in the course of an ordinary day, 16 June 1904. Ulysses is the …

Leopold Bloom in Dublin in the course of an ordinary day, 16 June 1904. Ulysses is the …

–> Bloom … implies something is blooming ..like a flower blooms …and theory /idea blooms ..comes forth

–> Bloom year 1904 …. we see math and science ideas coming into bloom.

Nikola Tesla and the electric motor
Thomas Edison and the light bulb
Alexander Graham bell and the telephone
Hertz and others ….. radio technology
Sears and Roebuck and others … retail and mail-order distributions systems

and ..in year 1904..what new concept .. will come forth and BLOOM.

1905 – Einstein Proposes His Theory of Relativity – 20th …
history1900s.about.com › … › Decade By Decade › 1900 – 1909
In 1905, Albert Einstein, a 26-year-old patent clerk, wrote a paper that revolutionized science. In his Special Theory of Relativity, Einstein explained that the …

with year 1905 ..the Special Theory of Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family …bio-physics entity … Richard Albert Loeb (June 11, 1905 – January 28, 1936),

Thus we have ….the introduction of the existence of EARTH space/time and the tensor space continuum …. which contains all human thoughts, activities, and events …. as subset happenings embedded within Nature’s space/time expression media.

tensor space herman weyl

Thus …. we now … reconsider year 1904.

The SYMBOL MACHINE of concepts, ideas, equations, and literature give us some keywords and numbers to work with .. in constructing the model of events and expressions.

Year 1900 + 4 steps (baby steps of space/time in the new century ) –> year 1904.

leopold man gynee

Thus, in year 1904 .. the fetal, primordial subconscious MIND of the James Joyce ..suggested to his conscious MIND the proper noun –> Loepold …. 4 steps ..4 years into the birth of the new century.

Thus year 1904 with Leopold BLOOM + ten years of the Tensor space/time continuum gives year 1914 … and World War 1 blooms forth ..with Leopold’s military maneuvers in the war that lasted 4+ years.

World War One Documents – Genius
World War One Documents Count Leopold von Berchtold. Featuring:

leopold military and political

Leopold Count von Berchtold von und zu Ungarschitz, Fratting und Pullitz

Austrian Foreign Minister since 1912, the Count was known as Poldi to his friends. He is probably most responsible, if not for the Great War, then certainly, for the escalation of the June Balkan crisis into a major European crisis. His descriptions include snob, society blade, and ladies’ man. Owner of a racing stable and lover of the good life, his contemporaries viewed him as less than intelligent and of shabby character. His plotting with Field Marshal Conrad von Hotzendorff assured the invasion of Serbia by the forces of Austria-Hungary following the 28-Jun-1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. His double dealing with Germany during the crisis ensured the episode in Sarajevo would explode into World War.

Thus …. we have the concept of MOTHER EARTH and MOTHER NATURE ..and the new century ..year 1900 ..1904 ..1914 ..giving birth to new ideas and new generation of civilization … as Darwinian evolution of social, political, and economic institutions continues … with symbols, math and physics equations, chemistry formula playing an important ROLE in the evolution process.

Thus the concept of Mother Earth ..pregnancy ..Europe giving birth ..suggest Leopold’s maneuvers ….. that get translated into –>

Leopold Count von Berchtold and political and military maneuvers

Leopold Count von Berchtold

Leopold …. Count the number of fetus / babies in the world …and pay attention to the Social Contract (LAWS and LIMITS) with Nature as outlined by John Locke and others

Thus …we have year 1904 .. Leopold (the Carl Jung collective unconscious message about Gerhard Leopold and the womb .. a message from NATURE that rose to a level of expression … reaching a visible WORD display via James Joyce’s usage of the proper noun ..Leopold).

hayakawa 1

abstarction ladder 2 larger

Thus far..we have Leoplod’s maneuvers by a doctor … Leopold Bloom in year 1904 literature …and the year 1914 manueuver of Leopold Count von Berchtold.

Now let’s continue in the tensor space/time continuum …. ten years ..to year 1924.
We have another nasty expression of Leopold’s manuevers …. Via Leopold and Loeb murder of Robert Franks.

Leopold and Loeb – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Murder of Robert Franks – Loeb knew Bobby Franks well; he was his second cousin, an … crafted plan in motion on the afternoon of May 21, 1924.
[PDF]Loeb-Leopold Murder of Franks in Chicago May 21 1924
Northwestern University School of Law
by R Loeb – ‎1925
[The kidnapping and murder of Robert Franks by Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold, Jr., in Chicago, Illinois, on May 21, 1924, aroused worlc-wide interest-at …

Images for leopold’s maneuver 4 steps … Leopold BLOOM year 1904 and the 1904 birth of a parallel expression system agent.

leopold loeb jail cell

Thus we see the 2 Leopold’s … one from the Ulyssess book and the other from Hyde Park area in Chicago.

Hence, we see code –> Dublin –> Dub + Blin –> Double Blind statistical experiment by Nature using human specimens for EARTH LAB social science experiments, space/time continuum signals, etc.