Sherlock Holmes explains James Holmes

RD-blog-number-4214 by Herb Zinser explains the Sherlock Holmes PBS television broadcasts in North America ….. and the partial LINK to messenger James Holmes

2012 Aurora shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside of a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises …
‎James Eagan Holmes – ‎Individual Integrated Fighting … – ‎Smith & Wesson M&P15

James Eagan Holmes – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In June 2011, Holmes enrolled as a Ph.D. student in neuroscience at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. He received a $21,600 …
‎2012 Aurora shooting – ‎Mixed state – ‎Diminished responsibility

James Holmes
James Holmes ….. code word –> James –> reference to James Clerk Maxwell and the Maxwell equations for the electromagnetic field that describes radio and television technology.

James Holmes …. code word: Holmes –> reference to the Sherlock Holmes BBC television series that uses James Clerk Maxwell SYMBOL MACHINE languages and their applications to television.

Let’s look at another blog post that provides more clues to the mdoern HOLMES  real life  mystery played out in the EARTH geography state of Colorado   AND the STATE oF MIND …. optical COLOR television and its ERRORS  ..represented by COLORADO …


the STATE of MIND actions  taken by NATURE’s neuroscience / optical nerve / brain information processor  …….. BRAIN military defense system  … task assigned by Nature to humanoid James Holmes  …. using Darwinian selection of a humanoid agent  by proper nouns and attributes ….  the candidate .. whose military mission would optimize the INFORMATION SIGNAL’s  content to the world of serious researchers and thinkers.

Civil war feedback control

The other blog post and its examples…


Gabby Giffords language problems revealed by Jared Lougher

 RD-blog-number-4213 by Herb Zinser  uses Nature’s  SYMBOL MACHINE  language analysis tools to understand Nature’s creation of the  Gabby Giffords empirical database  VIA the  shooting EVENT in Arizona.



  • 2011 Tucson shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



    On January 8, 2011, U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffordsand eighteen others … her when Jared Lee Loughner drew a pistol and shot Giffords in the head.

  • Jared Loughner, who shot Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson ……/jared-loughner-who-shot-gabriellegiffo…


    CBS News

    Apr 11, 2014 – Newly released FBI documents show JaredLoughner made … Gabrielle Giffords was unraveling in the months before the rampage, issuing …

  • Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly Confront Jared Loughner At ……/gabbygiffordsjared-lo…


    The Huffington Post

    Nov 8, 2012 – Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) on Thursday laid eyes on her shooter, 24-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, as he was sentenced to life in prison amid ..

    The information components omitted from the  rigged trial of Jared  Lougher are:
    a) Gabby Giffords and NASA refuse to mention that agent G = Gabby  Giffords was involved in a gravity   war  ..agent G =  universal gravitational constant.
    gabby giffords
    b) Jared L, –> subset codes –> J A  red L –> Job accounting  infra-red Language of the SKIN people   ..the bedroom SKIN people in Washington DC that run the  citizen  …  bedroom HOT body skin government   ….. with the football team identifier ….
    Washington REDSKINS.
    Thus millions of football fans in the United States are well aware of the secret body languages emitted from the dermatology  skin of a hot woman in the bedroom communications facility.
    Thus we see Nature’s message systems and the  EARTH LAB   created  event …. using human message  display devices in Tuscon.
    Let’s repeat another blog post  …..   that outline  many concepts .. then we shall return to Gabby Giffords and the National Aeronautics Space Administration problems in simple communications about basic concepts   found in high school math and science textbooks   OR basic concepts, equations, and formula  found and explained  in college  math and  science textbooks.


The secrets of dermatolgy SKIN languages and the economic TAX system.


RD-blog-number-4014 by Herb Zinser  reviews the IRS dermatology tax system LANGUAGE.  Nature’s systems  and   the internal medicine government tell us about the internal revenues service (IRS)   .. better known to  NATURE as the Infra-RED Spectrum   (IRS) section of the electromagnetic spectrum  used by humanoids in their bedroom skin HEAT emission language  activities.




Infrared spectroscopy (IRS skin tax system) – Wikipedia, the free (IR spectroscopy) is the spectroscopy that deals with the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, that is light with a longer wavelength and lower frequency than visible light. It covers a range of techniques, mostly based on absorption spectroscopy.‎Infrared spectroscopy – ‎Fourier transform infrared – ‎Rotational–vibrational
To understand some of the  ENGLISH language usage of  Infra-red social control languages….. we look at the Germanic language and it usage of words.German nouns – Wikipedia, the free are always capitalised (for example ‘the book’ is always “das Buch”), and may be created … der Mann, den Mann, dem Mann(e), des Mann(e)s‎Declension for case – ‎Orthography – ‎Compounds – ‎Common false friends


Words –>
Der  Mann   is equivalent to
The man .. …   or in a more genral sense … the husbandNow, Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE tells us  … using atomic ENGLISH alphabet  or the 26 letters of the ferrous oxide IRON atom …..Der Mann –> Dermatology man  or  SKIN Man


Thus Nature’s perception is explained by the words –> der Mann  … is a package of bio-chemistry   molecules contained  within a package/wrapper of skin.

Thus in a sense …. this is parallel to a cellulose cardboard box containing  some appliance..
Modern packaging encyclopedia and planning guide in …

Beginning date: 1973; Ending date: 1973; Vol/date range: 1972-3. Related Items: Continues as an issue of the periodical: Modern packaging, 1973-1979.

The 1973 issue is good … super-symmetry bio-physics language mirrors tell us  .. year 1973 –> 73 mirror 37 degrees Celsius human body temperature.
Thus Nature’s version  of modern packaging of  living humanoidsThe word –> der  MIRROR red –> implies infra-red frequencies that are emitted form the surface of human  skin and transmitted to near-by receivers.Thus as you walk thru a grocery store emit  your infra-red heat language language to others. This is an automatic process of Nature.   Thus ..on busy day in a grocery store….. you may communicate with  dozens of complete strangers in the infra-red language CODE.


Now, if  a woman has a husband named FRED –> F + RED–> frequency interceptor  agent for infra-red.

Thus FRED ….  and his subconscious mind   gather data as he walks  thru the grocery store.  Thus people  like dancer Fred Astaire..

Fred Astaire – Wikipedia, the free

Fred Astaire (born Frederick Austerlitz; May 10, 1899 – June 22, 1987) was an American dancer, choreographer, singer, musician and actor. His stage and …‎Ginger Rogers – ‎Adele Astaire – ‎The Gay Divorcee – ‎Royal Wedding



The Germanic language exists at several application levels  …human social language used by the German speaking people  AND EARTH LANGUAGE used by Solar System communication codes and  Nature’s BOTANY expression systems.The human language ..German and its Anglo-Saxon extensions  are social languages for daily activities and for bedroom activities between a man and a HOT woman …… who emits secret codes from her skin in the infra-red frequency  ……. in the presence of the proper male receiver …such as her  husband..Husband ……….
Husband ……
…….bandwidth  …. bio-radio / bio-television using infra-red and optics


  1. The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Bandwidth … – › … › Network Design & ArchitectureInformITThe Electromagnetic Spectrum andBandwidth. This section talks about bandwidth and about where the various transmission media lie within the …
  2. What is the bandwidth of electromagnetic spectrum? – Yahoo Answers…Jan 14, 2007 – I think you mean to ask what is bandwidth for EM waves. Spectrum implies all EM wavelengths from Plank’s length at one end to the diameter of our …
Figure 2.6 The electromagnetic spectrumThe radio, microwave, infrared, and visible light portions of the spectrum can all be used for transmitting information by modulating various measurements related to electromagnetic waves (see Figure 2.7):Figure 2.7 An electromagnetic wave


  • Frequency–The number of oscillations per second of an electromagnetic wave is called its frequency.
  • Hertz–Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz), in honor of Heinrich Hertz.
  • Wavelength–The wavelength is the distance between two consecutive maxima or minima of the wave form.
  • Amplitude–Amplitude is a measure of the height of the wave, which indicates the strength of the signal.
  • Phase–Phase refers to the angle of the wave form at any given moment.
  • Bandwidth–The range of frequencies (that is, the difference between the lowest and highest frequencies carried) that make up a signal is called bandwidth.
Thus as the husbands bandwidth changes ….. as he gets older …. the size of his body weight …his waist band get larger.
For example …at age 25 he may have a size 32 waist for his cotton pants.At age 60 ..he may still have a size 32 / 34  waist
he may have a size 40 / size 44 waist …..  Nature’s biology clue about the changing frequency bandwidth  .. that  control his brain thought and perceptions.The question then becomes. ..are the social engineering thoughts  ..  okay  or do they contain some ERROR signals that Nature wants fixed.


The BOTANY languauge  code –> dermatology –> der _ mato + logy.Der –> spelled backwards –. red colortherefore


red + mato + logy  –. therfore

red (skin)  Tomato (vegetable)  +  biology bio-math  logarithms used in the vegetable garden as the uses the function–>  biology –> logy –> gy –> to  grow into the Z-axis of the EARTH  gy field –> gravity field.



Thus we see the  ATOM ATOM  physics expression code.ATOM ATOM ..subset symbols
..TOM ATO  –> spell tomato  ..vector get table code –> ve + get + table –> vegetableThus we see Nature’s atomic TOMATO  that are sold in GROCERY stores..


Grocery –> subset letters–> GY –> Gravity communications site

Grocery –> G = universal gravitational constant

G roc –> Gravity ROC _ Region of Convergence in signal processing



Thus we see the  shooting of Gabby Giffords at a grocery store  ….. Gabrielle Giffords – Wikipedia, the free Dee “Gabby” Giffords (born June 8, 1970) is a retired American … term, Giffords was a victim of a shooting near Tucson, which was reported to be an …
Jared Loughner, who shot Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson ……/jared-loughner-who-shot-gabriellegiffo…CBS NewsApr 11, 2014 – Newly released FBI documents show Jared Loughner made expletive-filled Internet rants in the months before deadly shooting.
The incomplete explanations of the signaling EVENT ..carefully omit the important information  factors  of the signal …. tomato code, gravity and NASA with Gabby Gifford”s husband. the Safeway grocery store code ,,,,etc.Hence, the rigged trail of Jared L.  –> Ja + re + L –> Job accounting infra-red  Language  war in Arizona ..   EARTH geography state of Arizona  and the State of MIND Arizona …AZ — English alphabet state of MIND.;
The BOTANY Germination nation ,,,,german language of Nature and its germination process ,,,,,,,,, the color red–> german word ROT ….. a component of the bio-chemistry word –> protein.Thus Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE  provides information clues about the data processing  and thought abilities of proteins.Thus we see that red –> infra-red –> infra-rot (in german Botany language)  …and that electro-magnetic warmth frequency  influence protein evolution.


Hence, in springtime..when the EARTH climate gets warmer in Northern Europe ..the vegetable  SEED proteins  recognize the warmth of the SUN and respond according ….. hence, the proteins grow  .. such as seen by farmers and vegetable gardeners.

Hence, Nature’s EARTH government with LAND GRANT programs for colleges and universities  …wqith the ROT  program ..color red ..infra-red program ..better known in the United States as the ROTCThe Isaac Asimov bio-chemistry psychohistory equation ………ROTC –> ROT + C  –>  RED + C =186,000 –>
Infra-red  frequency languages (botany to bedroom)  C = 186,000 velecity of light


,,,and word velocity ..subset word city.

Thus an information city exists in the word ,,,and that city travels at 186,00 miles per second

Thus we see the  existence of 2 cities…. .Earth geography cities and  EM / photon SYMBOL LIFE / concept/ idea  cities in the velocity of light.

Hence, Nature’s miiltary ROTC  ..whose existence Washington, DC and  the Pentagon ought recognize..



Hence , we have another information DISPLAY  signal …. . Nature’s message from the UV region ( University of Virginia)   and the organic compound humanoid (Hannah Graham representing T.W. Graham SOLOMON organic  chemistry  textbook) .Thus we see some pieces to a puzzle about Nature’s social message systems and the Theory of Everything   .which includes some of the  concepts and data outlined above. 



Now, we shall  briefly return to Gabby Giffords.

2011 Tucson shooting


On January 8, 2011, U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen others were shot during a constituent meeting held in a supermarket parking lot in Casas Adobes, Arizona, in the Tucson metropolitan area. Six people died, including federal District CourtChief Judge John Roll; Gabe Zimmerman, one of Rep. Giffords’ staffers; and a nine-year-old girl, Christina-Taylor Green.[2][5][6][7][8] Giffords was holding the meeting, called “Congress on Your Corner” in the parking lot of a Safeway store when Jared Lee Loughner drew a pistol and shot her in the head before proceeding to fire on other people.[5][6] One additional person was injured in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.[3] News reports identified the target of the attack as Giffords, a Democrat representingArizona’s 8th congressional district.[5] She was shot through the head at point-blank range, and her medical condition was initially described as “critical”.[5][6]

Loughner, a 22-year-old Tucson man who was fixated on Giffords, was arrested at the scene


Gabby –> code G –> universal gravitation constant message VIA

………………….G……un  –> spells GUN  ….  via Nature’s  gravity  military agent Jared L.


gravity constant

Below,  Nature’s EARTH gravity computer sign –> GHOST –> G   Host  –> Gravity Host processor   whose existence is denied by her Husband and NASA.

route 66 3



Below , gravity highway ..Route 66  is ignored by NASA and researchers.

route 66  8


Below, the GROCERY –> G ROC  —> Gravity  Region of Convergence


  • Z Transform and Region of Convergence – NPTEL Online-IIT ……/Signals


    Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

    … and Z Transform. Lecture 31 : Z Transform and Region of Convergence … domain analysis of D.T. signals and design of DT-LTI systems. Further Z-Transform …

  • Region of Convergence (ROC) – Tutorialspoint

    Region of Convergence (ROC) – Learn Signals and Systems in simple and easy steps starting from Overview, Signal Analysis, Fourier Series, Fourier …


EE5323 Signals and Systems Laplace Transform…/chap5s.p…


Princess Sumaya University for Technology

L. ↔ X(s). Definition 1.3 The values of s for which the Laplace transform converges is called the Region of Convergence (ROC). Example 1.4 Consider the signal.

Laplace Transform

Laplace Transform

… Transform ……..  place/ location/  site of Gabby’s Gravity   message


gabby safeway grocery




Jared L –.  red L –> infra-red languages used to control communities and society




–> the IRS in Austin Texas ….. the site of the Infra-red spectrum message from the Echelon building.


2010 Austin suicide attack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The plane was piloted by Joe Stack  … at full speed into Echelon I, a building containing offices for 190 IRSemployees, …



hema - 441 austin

The 2010 Austin   attack occurred on February 18, 2010, when Andrew Joseph Stack III deliberately crashed his single-engine Piper Dakota light aircraftinto Building I of the

Echelon office complex in Austin, Texas, United States

Thus we   have Joe  Stack  message  codes –> stack / levels / tiers / hierarchy  ……..

abstarction ladder 2 larger


An earlier signal was given in gravity code year 66 –> 1966 in Chicago.



  • Richard Speck | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

    On July 14, 1966Speck broke into a South Chicago townhouse and took as ….. Speck to the National Maritime Union (NMU) hiring hall at 2335 E. 100th St. in …

  • Richard Speck Sex Murders – Crime Library…/7.html

    Student Nurse House, Chicago, Ill.: Richard Speck Sex Murders. Cora Amurao. Cora Amurao survived a night of hell at 2319 East 100th Street, a dormitory for women … Her eight roommates were stabbed to death on July 13, 1966, but she …



Thus we have  the gravity code 66 in year 1966.

Richard  speck –> code–> R.  Spec  – R Spectrum


The red blood  of the murder scene   ..telss us ..

R. Spectrum –> red Spectrum –> Infra-red spectrum involved in the murderes in gravity year 1966.



The  main features of   the year  1966  EVENT –> Gravity  and infra-red language  …. ARE repeated
in the Gabby Giffords/ NASA gravity EVENT with  the infra-red language of Jared L.


All of this  information is deliberately excluded from the Jared Lougher trial  …as  NASA,  the citizen Federal government and their university BEDROOM accomplices deny existence of these component  of  REALITY and Nature’s message system.