Sherlock Holmes explains the Peter Kassing message to Oxford University

Rd-blog-number-1221 by Herb Zinser reviews the DEATH process of Britain and its universities.

Newspaper and television announcements of various EVENTS and SIGNS provide an information database that provides CLUES to the British BRAIN death wish.

In year 2104, we can look back at some situations correlated to BRITAIN.

a) Margaret Thatcher and her role as Prime Minister of Great Britain.

picture - margaret thatcher 2

Thus we see how her bio-computer  BRAIN  … Symbol Porcessor was instructed to eat its own bio-computer  memory..

The instructions given her brain  … by English langauge specialist –>  Prime  Minister Great Britian

Prime  Minister Great Britain  ….. algbera subset command letters… 
Prim …………… Br..ain  —> Primary (goal) eat brain (cells)

For algebra and sceince professors familiar with polynomials   .. the DNA polymerase command is activated when they get older.

Polymearse —> compoment word….
poly  m  earse –> polynomials math erase  ..hence, the erasing of brain memory SYMBOL equations

b) the Cambodia SKULL wars in years 1975 thru 1980  was an EXTERNAL display of the INTERNAL brain destruction at Cambridge university.

Cambodia …. subset word components  …..
Can  bod –> Cambridge bodies & brains

Nature’s systems ..EXTERNAL display in Cambodia, Asia .

picture - skull 6

§7: THE DATA OF ETHICS (1879) by Herbert Spencer …

in correspondence with external coexistences and sequences; and still more …

said to be the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations

Hence, the EXTERNAL display in CAM region of Cambodia refelcted CAMbridge University and the SILENT and not OBVIOUS ……. INTERNAL conflicts and brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR  destruction.

The most recent signal comes from the Peter Kassing  tragic signaling EVENT.

kassig basic 16 head syria

Who Is Peter Kassig?

American Beheaded by ISIS Was ……/who-is-peter-kassig-america…

The Christian Post Nov 17, 2014 – Peter Kassig, whom ISIS claimed Sunday to have beheaded and who took …

Kassig, 26, an Indianapolis native, was working as a humanitarian aid

Isis video appears to show hostage Peter Kassig has been … › World › Islamic State (Isis)

The Guardian Nov 16, 2014 – 16-minute video also purports to show mass beheading of Syrian soldiers in …

Kassig, a 26-year-old charity worker from Indiana, was taken …

Let’s look at the above ISIS –> IS code –> Information Sciences  database and its keywords  and numbers.

The 16 minute vides ia about the British computer programmers with Base 16 thougths inside their brain  ….. hence, the

human BRAIN bio-computer use base 16 concepts and BATCH job execution concepts execute parts of the human brain ..that is death  execution.

On a copper-wire computer  ….  a BATCH Job executes to prduce some accounting report  or warehouse inventory report.

Inside the human BRAIN  …. a BATCH of cells are executed by the BATCH JOB executing  ..they become DEAD …they STOP thinking,  

The Peter Kassing EXTERNAL information display tells us  how the  British and North Americans  get bedheaded by INTERNAL processes.

The bio-computer method was just described..above.

The 2nd method ..  the biochemistry DEATH mechanism   is very  popular at Oxford University.  

The keywords /numbers  in  the Peter Kassig  datebase are…….

age 26 –> pointer to ferous oxide IRON atomic number 26 and its atomic English alphabet

picture  - table 2

!6 minute video–> pointer to oxygen biochemsitry 

oxygen atom  2 inner

Thus we have 2 key elements ..iron and oxygen …. used by myoglobin and hemoglobin proteins in the human body.

myog protein

hemoglobin pricture

The bio-math difference equation between  16 and 26 –> points to the 10/ TEN  fingers used by  news reporters, editors, college students, and profesors  …who write themes,  decriptive articles, and social science explanations  …about human activities and events that occur  on the EARTH geography surface within Earthly tensor space/time. 

tensor space herman weyl

Thus ..Nature is angry with the bull-stories and incomplete explantions given about EVENTS.  

In year 2104…with the vast amount of math and science textbooks and their data …  available at a  bookstore near a univeristy .. Nature expects more accurate reports/ themes from the HEME group Fe(2) ions within a student body/brain.

Notice ……. the words  ….  article  / theme/ repeort are basically equivalent … writing word/sentence/etc.

Let’s look at Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE definitions …….

Theme –> subet letters –>  heme –> refernce to heme group fe(2) ion.  Do you have defective HEME groups or bragging HEME groups or arroganrt HEME groups   ………. can you communiacte about his blog post and tell your friends to read it.

articles –> subset code –> art –> arteries (INTERNAL)   express their perceptions via EXTERNAL articles for Nature’s INTELLECT to evaluate  ….. Nature’s feedback control system 

Civil war feedback control

Thus we see the problem at OX –> Oxygen univeristy … Nature’s EARTH LAB site for Ox –> OXford University   …that still has to acknowledge the existence of oxygen   and therefore itself.  They can’t do this.  

Thus in year 2014  …  their brains  … ,their  SYMBOL PROCESSOR ..their awareness of REALITY and their self-awrenss are missing.

Therfore , form Nature’s view ……   their BRAIN  has been severed from REALITY    …..  

they live in a world of music (EAR people) or talking (MOUTH people)   or Hollywood fantasy  movie perceptions.

C.P.Snow outlined this problem in his 1959 lecture “TWO CULTS  and their CULTURES”.

THe Peter Kassig HEAD severed form his phuysical biology body in SYRIA …..

In GREAT BRITAIN you get to keep your physical biology body  …. your brain knowledge gets severed.

Thus several EVENTS and sigansl over ment years .. provide a consistent message about a PROBLEM that we ought try to fix  … but first we  have to communicate and outline the situation better  and obtain military  funds for the BRAIN defense project.