The Star Wars SUN CRUSHER war casualty FFA STAR Matt Anderson…… and others

Book-033 analysis report by Herb Zinser looks at the  Star Wars SUN CRUSHER war casualties  …and its its association to the Tesla ECHO signature.  Let’s look at blog post that outline most of the situation …and then we finish with some additional observations of the EARTH WARS.   
EARTH WARS … and the death list:

–  Future Farmers of America Matt Anderson killed

–  Boy Scout, Sam Hengel.  the EARTH CLAY representarive …. who loved Nature and the outdoors… was  killed  because of his STATE of MIND (Nature lover) did not agree with the song and dance ..nonsense  mentality of the Carl Jung community GROUP MIND

–  Fort Hood, Texas  solar system astronomy battle at the Solar Readiness Building

–  Virginia  Tech, Blacksburg and the battle over black farm soil and the photsysnthesi equation

The other blog post……..

Star Wars code ECHO BASE regarding


EARTH WARS and Tesla military systems

Book-0043 analysis report by Herb Zinser reviews  Nature’s systems military codes that are embedded as subset messages within a Star Wars book. Let’s look.



To understand the messages we use the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

 Maps and Territories – Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

The Star Wars book words –> commander of ECHO Base –> reference to Nikola Tesla

Tesla‘s Earthquake Machine – The Excluded
Nikola Tesla‘s  Earthquake Machine
 the earth returns an “echo signature” using the

… would step up the natural standing wave that would be produced …

geo-physics code words –>  Earthquake Machine  –> Earth qua + ke Machine –> Earth quantum key machine


Star Wars words –> our scouts have just come back  ..reference to Wisconsin  message feedback control systems …using Tesla sin waves.


Star Wars words –> our scouts have just come back  …  reference to Boy Scout Sam Hengel in the EARTH sample space region of  …. 

Input/Output port data fields  …. Port Field –> Porterfield, Wisconsin sin wave I/O PORT.



Samuel Hengel – EH…Samuel O. Hengel found … 1995, to Jonathan and Ann (Clayton) Hengel
He has been raised in Porterfield, … Sam was a proud member of the Boy Scouts of America as …

Wisconsin Teen Samuel Hengel Dies After Shooting Self in ……Nov 30, 2010 · A 15-year-old student, Samuel Hengel, died today after shooting himself Monday night after holding a teacher and 23 classmates hostage, police said.

EARTH MAN, Sam Clay Hengel ….  killed in the earth wars.

Soil – Encyclopedia of
 is probably the most important type of mineral particle found in a soil
Despite their small size, clay particles have 
a very large surface area relative to …


Hundreds Attend Hengel’s Funeral, Including Hostages ……/dec/06/hundreds-attend-hengels-funeral-including-hostagesDec 06, 2010 · Hundreds Attend Hengel’s Funeral, Including … a memorial service Sunday for Sam Hengel, … old Hengel was Boy Scout
who loved the EARTH outdoors ……
echo     signature.



Below, the reference to the Nikola Tesla  “Great Temple’ and its LINKS to the human brain temple etc.


Above ..Fort Ho
Below, Echo base on Hoth –> Echo base on Ho –> Fort Ho  Texas  and the year 2009 shooting at the Solar Readiness Center. 


2009 Fort Hood shooting – Wikipedia, the free 1.1 Preparations; 1.2 Soldier Readiness Processing Center shootings; 1.3 Aftermath; 2 Casualties. 2.1 Fatalities; 2.2 Gunshot wounds; 3 …

Soldier Readiness Processing Center shootings (astronomy war)

Sol …… Readiness Processing Center (SUN is Center of Solar System)

Solar System  Readiness 

Solar System STAR WARS  Readiness Processing Center 

Solar System STAR WARS  READ book military command 
to your eye /  optical nerve / brain processing center 

OTHER    echo    signature  messages  of Nature to Wisconsin farmers  …


Star Wars words –> commander Echo Base 
–> Tesla math   /  geo-physics sin waves of Wisconsin land  ..and their echo signature

Star Wars words–> Your friend did use the SUN Crusher again …….  
reference to process used to kill  Matt Anderson of the Base 16 Hexadecimal  data processing agriculture organization  known as the Hex’ FF” America –> Future Farmers  of  America.


Above words…… 
Sunday morning when it rolled off onto an embankment, partially ejecting and crushing him ……………. subset word of sentence …

Sunday morning  …. crushing him  …   a smaller subset  gives

The Sun Crusher.: … Suncrusher. :: star wars creations. The Sun Crusher was one of 
the most powerful superweapons ever devised.

It was developed at the secret Maw   Installation. The …

code word –> Maw –> Ma + w –> Madison Wisconsin


The next message regarding SUN Crusher (a less deadly message)  comes
from Sun Prairie and Madison Wisconsin    ..the  secret  Sun Crusher MAW region home base..



Above book words 

–> commander Echo Base –> echo signature  ..message  echo 

–> Sun Crusher –> Sun Prairie  and humans having emotions/ a crush/ desire 
..  a emotional    crush error 

–> our scouts have just come back (from Sun Prairie), General Solo (Brain of Brian Solomon) 

The  Sun Crusher EVENT database reported in the Madison newspapers for  University of Wisconsin thinkers and researchers 


Above words –> Prosecutor says she  (read the Star Wars book about General SOLO  and she wants to be part of the play)  

Above words –> Prosecutor says she 

Above words –> Prose …..expression agent in the Tesla sin wave District ….  District Attorney’s office 
with the DA = brain electron circuit  … thought Differential  Amplifiers

The Deposition of General Solo – Wookieepedia, the Star …
The Deposition of General Solo
 is a short story in dialogue form, featured in The Truce at…… 
and featured in the parallel  processing … super-symmetry  social science event in Madison newspapers


All the World’s a Stage by William Shakespeare (around year 1600)  
Poem › Poems
  • Rating: 7.6/10 ·
  • 327 ratings

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts,

in modern times ……………..

All the World’s a Stage by Wi = Wisconsin & Shakespeare 
Poem › Poems

All the world’s a stage  (such as the University of Wisconsin performance in awareness)

And all the men and women merely players (p layers –> processing layer s)

They have their exits (from high school)  and their entrances
And one man in his time plays many parts (General Solo) ,


Grand Unified Theory – Wikipedia, the free
Grand Unified Theory

Theory of everything

String theory;

Theory of everything – Wikipedia, the free Unified TheoryTheory of everything; String theory; … Nova episode about the search for the theory of everything and string theory. , freeview video …

Grand Unified Theory of Everything –

  • By HumansofTerra ·
  • 8 min ·
  • Added Jan 02, 2013

Author John P. Lynch explains some of the problems with the Standard Model of the Universe, and offers an alternative 

Now, for some additional observations about the STAR WARS Sun Crusher and EARTH WARS.

Some common factor unite the above tragic signaling events into one information string ….. with some common denominators.

— >Matt Anderson, FFA farm boy with tractors, agriculture, black top-soil and their LIFE depends on the sunlight needed to grwon their crops: corn, soybeans, alfalfa hay, wheat, oats, etc.

–> Sam Hengel, Boy Scout whoe respected Nature and the outdoors ..and would have made a good FUTURE leader for EARTH.
His mother’s maiden name, and EARTH LANGUAGE proper noun  ….  Clayton –> Clay + tons of EARTH weight

–> Brian  Solomon of Madison and assaistant city clerk Elena Berg from Sun Praire.  

Elena Berg identifier code words…SUN (Solar System and sunlight) and  clerk( representing James Clerk Mawell equations for sunlight) 


Picture - em field curves






Thus the data for the University of Wisconsin regarding the Madison electromagnetic field WARS involving the 

EM telvison, radio, and molecular cell biology ….cell phone attack upon

the human brain st





Above words

–> her Sun Praire –> translated  ……


……hertzian waves of the Solar System 

VS cell phones brain blabber ,etc.




The next signal involved BLACK farm soil and comes from Blacksburg, Virginia.  The Star Wars clue ……. Sun Crusher and black sun ………….






The black sun EVENT ………..

word …. black –> maps to EARTH name –> Blacksburg 

word …sun –> maps to reprentative  Seung Cho 


  1. Virginia Tech shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Virginia Tech shooting (also known as the Virginia Tech massacre) was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic …




  1. Seung-Hui Cho – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Seung-Hui Cho (January 18, 1984 – April 16, 2007) was a South Korean mass murderer who killed 32 people and wounded 17 others on April 16, 2007, at Virginia …

  2. Seung-Hui Cho  …abbreviated

  3. Seung   Cho ..subset letters

  4. Sun     Cho  –> pointer to

     the photosynthesis equation



The creation of BLACK SUN message event became more complete Darwin selection of the water/ hydrology classroom for the shooting.


  1. Ronnotel/Temp – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

     … Before Cho began shooting, … Cho‘s first attack after entering Norris occurred in an advanced hydrology    …. water engineering class taught …


 The black sun  … and its evolution to ….


  1. Black Sun – Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki

    Description. Black Sun held a massive amount of reach and influence, extending its tendrils of corruption deep in the various galactic governments of each era.

The BLACK SUN   brain thought and behavior influence at Virginia TECH.


Thus, in year 2015, you have some ideas on how to translate a Star Wars  military  manual ….. 
to undersand the EARTH WARS and the Solar System (a Star) wars.