Through the Looking Glass – Virginia TECH organic chemistry and the Constitution

RD-blog-number-5017 by Herb Zinser reviews the battle events of Nature’s organic chemistry continuum and its molecular social engineering expression – the United States of North America and its atomic foundation of elements C, O, N …..and their atomic social science foundation document …..  known as the CON –> CONSTITUTION.

The sequence CON –>

1st    C = Carbon life  in humanoid format …as as subset of the organic molecule continuum of Nature 

2nd   O = Oxygen Base 16 hexadecimal bio-computers with LU =Logical Unit –> LUNG

3rd   N = Nitrogen DNA bases and Number systems 

atom table 6

Thus, for practical puroposes  …. in human daily life  …we can think of the carbon atom and its molecules as very important.
Therefore, we need to understand MESAGES sent from the carbon molecule continuum to   human society and its 2-legged humans who watch sports, watch television, eat, talk, sleep, talk  on a celluar phone, work on crossword puzzles, etc.

Thus we have  an INTELLECTUAL void.

An educated idiot like myself …. see this vacuum ….. this emptiness of awareness … 

The Waste Land  of T. S. Eliot     

….. and with some EFFORT ….. and the immense curiosity generated on perceiving a  PUZZLE ….  see —>

Through the Looking Glass


– the Virginia TECH chemistry glass stopper


and formaldehyde