The city of Liverpool ERRORS contributes to the death of a Boy Scout

RD-blog-number-5128 by Herb Zinser outlines the role of the city Liverpool,England and Livermore, California in the death of Boy Scout Sam Hengel of Porterfield, Wisconsin.

Basically, Liverpool and Livermore refuse to acknowledge Nature’s messages VIA LIVER social science signals in eye/optical book format. The COMPUTER EARTH geography city of Liverpool equation –> Liver pool –> Liver data reord buffer pool site in England, Gtreat Britain. 
The myopic and arrogant people of Liverpool rudely refuse to acknowledge the basics of existence .. unless it is music, some comedy routine, or Hollywood movie scripts that are implanted into their brain VIA television electromagnetic (EM) waves that go directly

their brain stem.

em waves spectrum

Let’s look at another blog that outlines Nature’s message system  …..  then we look at the Boy Scout ERRORs.

Nature’s post office system VIA male carriers    

Rd-blog-number-5125 by Herb Zinser outlines Nature’s  message delivery system  ..that uses humans as  message amplififiers and carriers.

In year 2015, the United Staes Post Office serves a a visible MODEL  ….of the organization structure of message delvery systems  … that started with Benjamin Franklin.

  1. Benjamin Franklin, First Postmaster General – › … › The Postal Service Begins
    Benjamin Franklin, First Postmaster General. Born in Boston in 1706, Benjamin Franklin left school at age 10 to work in his father’s candle shop. 9 In 1718 …


EARTH LANGUAGE and Naturer’s SYMBOL MACHINE langauge anlysis tools tell us the at the words–> Male …… mail addtion to their poetry rhyme  sound  equivalence  …. have  a practical  application in double-helix social science….  message systems.

Nature uses Mr. Male for Nature’s mail  …. messages such as books, math books, science books, etc.

John Locke is a good example. Working closing with his INTERNAL  enzymes  ..he developed a view about the human  SOCIAL  CONTRACT with EXTERNAL Nature.

Thus the John Locke …. INTERNAL Lock-and -key   wanted to  define ist relationship to the EXTERNAL  world of the livi9ng EARTH cell …. hence,  his philosophy studies of life and events and relationships lead to the SOCIAL CONTRACT document.

Plato  wrote aboyut fundamental entities or atoms.

  1. Ancient Atomism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
    Aug 23, 2005 · A number of important theorists in ancient Greek natural philosophy held that the universe is composed of physical ‘atoms‘, literally ‘uncuttables’.

  2. Atomism – Wikipedia, the free
    Plato (c. 427 — c. 347 BC), were he familiar with the atomism of Democritus, would have objected to its mechanistic materialism. He argued that atoms just crashing …
Since the human named Plato was an atomic, bio-physics structure   .., in a sense ..his INTERNAL atoms had self-awareness  and managed to build an OPUTPUT data pipeline thru his INTERNAL Central Nervous System  370 to his brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR  quality  control and information content enhancement  area   ….and then,  finally to his bio-computer OUTPUT WRITER using the  myoglobin proteins in his arm that gave iNTELLECTUAL MUSCLE to his accurate perceptions.

Above Nature’s bio-chemsitry code used in those days.

BC  –> Bio-Chemsitry report from time frame of reference 428

428 –>  4  and   4 times 7   –>  4 DNA nucleitides using nitrogenous bases with atomic number 7


Another  messenger of Nature ..the  INTERNAL biology  LIVER and its ferrous oxide IRON atoms with  atomic number 26 atomic English alphabet  …… 
in year 26 …. 
year 1726  arranaged for the  EXTERNAL publiication of the Jonathan Swift  liver social science view ……   the  OUPUT message known as Liver’s travels.

For example, what might  be considered a remote part of the world in year 1726  …………  that is still so remote ….. that they deny the existence of  Nature’s LIVER message systems.

The living EARTH cell   …geography DISEASE site.
Another   LIVER example ……..  Nature’s DEMO  process
In England,   we have Nature’s expression system.
Using the 
INTERNAL   ateries and  road map as model  … Nature  helped build the
EXTERNAL  display site on the geography surface of EARTH
Both communites deny the existence of LIVER written messages in eye/optical format; however, harmonic sound  wave messages they do repsond to …
such as the Beatle’s music  group.

  1. The Beatles
    Welcome to The Beatles Story Liverpool. Located in the Fab Four’s hometown of Liverpool, the award-winning Beatles Story experience is an atmospheric journey into

Thus we have the INTERNAL liver and its OUTPUT music messages …form Liverpool  …that is ..the bio-computer LIVER  data record buffer POOL  …..
hence. code  LIVER …  POOL.

  1. Help! (song) – Wikipedia, the free!_(song)
    Help! ” is a song by the Beatles that served as the title song for both the 1965 film and its soundtrack album. It was also released as a single, and was number one …

  1. Beatles – Help Lyrics |
    Lyrics to ‘Help‘ by Beatles
    Help, I need somebody / 
    Help, not just anybody / 
    Help, you know I need someone / 
    Help! / When I was younger, so much younger than

    In other words ….

Beatles – Help Lyrics  of liver’s  message travels by Jonathan Swift  Metro Lyrics

Lyrics to ‘Help‘ by Beatles
……………Helpathology messages 
Help, I need somebody / 
Help, not just anybody … but a hepatology student 
Help, you know I need someone / 
Help! / When I was younger, so much younger  (year 1726) 

  1. Hepatology – Wikipedia, the free
    Hepatology is the branch of medicine 
    that incorporates the study of liver
    and the incorporated community of Livermore California ….

  1. gallbladder and bladder problems  that are DEMOSTRATED   in  bla bla bla  …cell phone talking .. language and mouth /ear  disease

     biliary tree, a
    nd pancreas as well as management of their disorders.

Thus we see Nature’s post office  VIA  messenger MALEs …. bio-communication devices that serve some purpose in Nature’s vast expression system.

Now, we see the signal of Boyer –>  Boy error –> Boy Scouts error and other boys ………  such as the male children of Liverpool and Livermore.

liver hep musicare-you-hep-to-the-jive_  liverliver textbook 

Apparently, no  one in  Liverpool or Great Britain  … or LIvermore or  the United States  

….. is aware of the existence of liver or its associated  keyword –> hep hepatology.

British Society of Paediatric GastroenterologyHepatology …

British Society of Paediatric GastroenterologyHepatology & Nutrition and British Paediatric Neurology Association

  1. British Society of Hep Hepatology?    where? 
  2. British Society of 
    Paediatric(k) Gastroenterology
    Hepatology & Nutrition and

    British Paediatric(k) Neurology Association

Thus, the LIVER symbol life  …. awareness failure of many institutions and orgnaizations and their members.

They failed to deliver  the BOYER  liver messages

………………….liver ………….

Flowers Liverpool,  Flower   Delivery & Florists in … – Interflora…deliveryliverpool/county/

Send flowers in Liverpool using local Interflora flower shops and florists in Liverpool. Interflora offer local flower delivery in Liverpool and across the UK.

…… thus we have the Nature’s information systems. .. and the  modern LIVER stream of consciousness…..  the LIVER  WORLD communications center in  Liverpool, English  …… of the living EARTH cell and its  geography surface agents  ….   human people as agents.

liverpool england   66

Marinette hostage-taker was Boy Scout, popular

Marinette H.S. Gunman: Why? – 620 WTMJ – Milwaukee’s …

Zakim and Boyer’s Hepatology: A Textbook of Liver MILITARY   strategy and its human advance scouts whose subconscious mind helps NATURE to  explore and gather new data … › … › Hepatology, Inc.

Zakim and Boyer’s Hepatology: A Textbook of Liver Disease – Expert Consult: Online and Print, 6e (Hepatology (Zakim)) [Arun J. Sanyal MD] on

Zakim and Boyer’s Hepatology – (Sixth Edition) – ScienceDirect

The online version of Zakim and Boyer’s Hepatology on, the world’s … Book description …

Chapter 3 – Mechanisms of Liver Cell Destruction at Marinette High School, Wisconsin using molecular cell  biology ….. cell phones..

Elsevier: Zakim and Boyer’s Hepatology, 6th Edition: Sanyal
Elsevier BV

Zakim and Boyer’s Hepatology

the defining work in SYMBOL MACHINE life and hepatology
-presents comprehensive … 

hengel - 47 curl

Flow … errors Liver … data record pool, Flower Delivery & Florists in Porterfield,  Wisconsin… – Interflora…deliveryliverpool/county/

Send flowers in Liverpool using local Interflora flower shops and florists in Liverpool. Interflora offer local flower delivery in Liverpool and across the UK.

Funeral of teenager who took social studies class hostage ……/funeral_of_teenager_who_took_…
  • The Plain Dealer

    Dec 5, 2010 – 29 where 15-year-old Sam Hengel held a classroom of students and a … They hung up Hengel’s Boy Scout and tae kwon do uniforms and his …

Hundreds attend Wisconsin hostage taker’s funeral – San …

U‑T San Diego

Dec 5, 2010 – This undated photo provided by the family shows Sam Hengel who … Hengel’s Boy Scout and tae kwon do uniforms also decorated the stage, …

 — Photographs of a happy teen who camped, canoed and fished greeted mourners as they gathered Sunday for the funeral of a 15-year-old Wisconsin boy who held his social studies class hostage before shooting himself. None of the hostages were injured.

The stage in a school auditorium in Menominee, Mich., where the funeral was to be held Sunday afternoon, was decorated with a tent and canoe. Menominee is just across the river from Marinette, Wis.

Port of Liverpool – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Port of Liverpool is the enclosed 7.5 miles (12.1 km) dock system that runs from Brunswick Dock in Liverpool to Seaforth Dock, Seaforth, on the east …. Karel Čapek, Letters from England, 1924 … Delivering exports right up to closing day.

ports  1

Port of Liverpool – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Port of Liver data record  pool – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Thus Nature’s message delivery system.   


Liverpool …data pool ERRORS –> routed by Nature to the  (OUTPUT) Port of Liverpool with identifier  keywords…… Boyer error port of liver.


The Nature’s system ..given this vague information sequence…. nneeds to deleiver the message somehwere….. hence, the approximation attempt.


Port error with data fields -> porter  fields –> route to Porterfield  …best known approxiamtion



porterfield map


 tesla door county marinette sam hendel vibrations



Next message analysis  by Nature  ..


Boyer + Zakim …… 2 parts  


boyer –> selection of Boy Scout for error message  …who was from port error 


Zakim ….. need a vertical,  standing z-axis human entity that is outstanding  



liver textbook 












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