Hannah Graham killed in the 38th Parallel WAR zone

Rd-blog-number-5539 by Herb Zinser reviews  the  information database of the Hannah Graham murder.

Murder of Hannah Graham – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Hannah Graham (February 25, 1996 – c. September 13, 2014) was an 18-year-old second-year British American student at the University of Virginia …

  1. University of Virginia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The University of Virginia (UVA or U.Va.), often referred to as simply Virginia, is a public research university in Charlottesville, Virginia. UVA is known for its …



korea 38th parallel uranium 238 double cross


38.0299° N, 78.4790° W
Charlottesville, Coordinates
Charlottesville, Virginia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



38.0299° N, 78.4790° W
Charlottesville, Coordinates


38th parallel of humans 
Ch ..Carbon hydrogen Coordinates


 38th parallel of humans to Nature’s 

organic chemisty molecular PLATFORM  with

the propane FRAME of REFERENCE 

for  Ch ..Carbon hydrogen molecules and

their social engineering chemistry SYSTEM.

Let’s look at another blog post that provides some examples.

RD-blog-number-5526 by Herb Zinser reviews the Hannah Graham murder in the context of the  CH = Carbon-Hydrogen  war zone of CH = CHarlottesville, Virginia.


The SCIENCE WAR message database left by Hannah Graham…..

Her tragic signal ….. 

Murder of Hannah Graham – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Hannah Graham (February 25, 1996 – c. September 13, 2014) was an 18-year-old second-year British American student at the University of Virginia who went …

Disappeared: September 13, 2014

The Science Wars – Cardiff University


In Britain the most aggressive science warrior is biologist, Lewis Wolpert. The best known science wars event


LAKE VIEWS – Page 24 – Google Books Result

Steven Weinberg – 201
3 Peace at Last in the Science Wars The “science wars” of the 1990s were debates … A Cal Tech chemist, Jay Labinger, and a sociologist atCardiff University, Harry … “Physics and History” and “The Non-revolution of Thomas Kuhn,” both of …
Thus the SCIENCE WAR casualty of Hannah Graham  … which will explained a little later in this blog post.
Before that, we must understand that humans  are subsets embedded within the muti-facted dimensions of Nature  with its variety of expression systems.   
One view .. one of of several …is that we live within the atomic continuum  on the EARTH geography surface.
Thus, in our daily activities ….   we interact with the elements of the periodic atomic table.
The carbon atom is involved in many human interaction activities.
For example at the EARTH LAB site of Cardiff 
Cardiff University
  • Cardiff University is a public research university located in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. The University is composed of three colleges: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Biomedical and Life Sciences; and Physical Sciences and Engineering. Wikipedia
  • Address: Cardiff CF10 3XQ, United Kingdom

The Science Wars – Cardiff University


This page by Harry Collins explains the ‘science wars’, which began in the early 1990s with attacks by natural scientists or ex-natural scientists who 

Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE language anlaysis tools …..provides some clues about the secrets of code word –> Cardiff
Cardiff –> subset codes –> car + diff –> Carbon atom differential amplifiers  EDUCATIONAL institution

Differential amplifier – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


A differential amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier that amplifies the difference between two input voltages but suppresses any voltage common to the two …

‎Theory – ‎Long-tailed pair – ‎Operational amplifier as … – ‎Applications
Thus Cardiff University  studies carbon-based human life forms.
For example, we have  ……  C = Carbon atom –> subset code –> Cat  …. the carbon identification code of those Carbon atoms that evolved into the Cat organization of  Humanoid Carbon atoms  known as the Catholic Church.

The Theory of  MOLECULAR Parallel Universes – For Dummies


The multiverse is a theory in which our personnal HUMAN universe is not the only one, 
but states that many EARTHLY universes and expression systems that  exist parallel to each other. 
These distinct universes within 


Ethel Kennedy – Wikipedia,

Ethel Skakel Kennedy (born April 11, 1928) is an American human-rights campaigner and widow of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was assassinated while …

‎Rory Kennedy 

Ethyl group – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Ethyl group (highlighted blue) as part of a molecule, as the ethyl radical, and in the compounds ethanol, bromoethane, ethyl acetate, andethyl methyl ether.

Thus we have examples of Nature’s systems and the super-symmetry existential physics MIRRORS that provides partial approximations to other EARTH dimensions of expression and their patterns,formats, and language signs or sounds.




Above, we see Emmet street –> Emmet –> subset codes –> Em + Met –>Electromagnetic metabolism –>
electromagnetic intercation with human  molecule  metabolism  with  copper atomic number Route 29 running thru the CH –> Carbon Hydrogen molecular city of CH = Charlottesville.





Thus the CH region of Charlottesville with human molecule equivalents.


Charlottesville/Albemarle 4-H Club Program – Local Offices

Virginia Cooperative Extension

The Albemarle/Charlottesville 4-H Program offers many exciting activities for kids! … 4-H Clubs are ways for kids to get together with others who have similar … are at our Holiday Lake 4-H Center or other 4-H Educational Centers in Virginia.


 4-H Club Program –

 4-H Club Program –

 4-H C   methane agent program   of Nature  –

 4-H C   methane  ag –> agriculture / farmer and their  brain SYMBOL  PROCESSOR



Thus we see the levels of  EXISTENCE and REALITY   …… with the CH –> Carbon-hydrogen expression platform used by NATURE in the EARTH LAB geography region with LAB identifier noun = CH = Charlottesville. 





Thus the  VIEW of the  virtual  scientist  “MAN on the MOON”   …looking at EARTH and the CH region of Charlottesville  with humans walking around …. representing electron flow …… thus a carbon=hydrogen organic media / continuum.



 Now, let’s look at some more Margrate Mead atomic social science codes in the news 
…thus we take a second look at —>.

Above…..keywords and numbers..


–> at 12.55 –> at 12 –> atom 12 –> carbon atom 12 


We see that the human representative for Carbon-14  = 14th Dalai Lama


Although it is only speculation, it is possible that she was jogging because right before Shell station, the sidewalk passes through an unpopulated industrial area culminating in passing under an overpass. In the middle of the night, this area could make a pedestrian uncomfortable.
before Shell
before Shell
……..e Shell
……..electron  Shell station 

Thus we see that the periodic  atomic table elements and their information features  
….  may be taken by Nature and  amplified / enlarged  ..and projected  onto the EARTH geography display surface  .. to make that information and its expression mechanisms (like Hannah Graham)  visible and available for serious, curious researchers.

Theoretical Atomic Physics – Page 4 – Google Books Result

Harald Friedrich – 2006 – ‎Science

As an example of a Hermitian operator

  we look at the projection operator 



Now, let’s look at some more examples of  Nature’s expression system. 

Let’s review …the Hannah Graham codes –>

Above…..keywords and numbers..


–> at 12.55 –> at 12 –> atom 12 –> carbon atom 12 




Next keywords and numbers …

At 12:55 am, Hannah is caught on a camera mounted at a Shell …
………55 am –> 55 atomic mass –> Fe = Ferrous oxide IRON atomic mass of the EARTH iron core LINK to  the EARTH LANGUAGES of Charlottesville, Virginia

At 12:55 am, Hannah is caught on a camera mounted at a Shell gas station  …

  • nt explosion may affect supply of gears … Africa make co 

    Nature’s message about iron 55  at 12.55 am –> amino acid code  translates into …. 


    Blood Journal | The Influence of Amino Acids on Iron …

    by D KROE 

    A series of experiments were devised in Charlottesville  to determine the effect of various amino acids upon the absorption of iron from thegastrointestinal tract. This was done by …


    Thus the Shell gas station ….. represents  …. from Nature’s point ot VIEW  ….   the human body  with a gastrointestinal tract  and  the human mouth with output gases / words ……    is a human gas station.


    Next  translation of data  …. …

    At 12:55 am (Night), Hannah is caught on a camera mounted at a Shell

    Nature’s message about iron 55  at 12.55 am  –> information pointer –> referback to the iron gear battle in Milwaukee.


    • Falk plant explosion may affect supply of gears … Africa make competing products, though they typically use less durable cast iron as opposed to Falk’s steel.

The 2006 Falk Corporation explosion refers to a large and fatal propane gas explosion at the Falk Corporation facility in the industrial Menomonee River Valley …


2006 Falk Corporation explosion

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 2006 Falk Corporation explosion refers to a large and fatal propane gas explosion at the Falk Corporation facility in the industrial Menomonee River Valley neighborhood ofMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, on December 6, 2006.









Human and the Milwaukee gastrointestinal tract (represented by Menomonee Valley)  – Wikipedia, 


The human CITY of MILWUAKEE   gastrointestinal tract, or GI tract, or GIT is an organ system responsible for consuming and digesting foodstuffs, absorbing nutrients, and expelling … via factories and assembly plants and retail stores

Structure – ‎Function – ‎Clinical significance –


Gastrointestinal tract of the city of Milwaukee- Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

Gastrointestinal tract. Illustration of the gastrointestinal tract. Your digestive tract stretches from your mouth to your anus. It includes the organs necessary to …







A Milwaukee EARTH land geography tract with propane gas  …. 
.therefore a 
 Gastrointestinal tract definition – MedicineNet – Health and …


Definition of Gastrointestinal tract … Gastrointestinal tract: The stomach and intestines. Abbreviated … Tummy Trouble Quiz: Test Your IQ of Digestive Diseases …





Digestive System | Everything You Need to Know, Including …


Food passes through a long tube inside the body known as the alimentary canal or the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract).
The alimentary canal is made up

Men  of Menomonee Valley – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The valley effectively cuts Milwaukee in half, limiting access to a handful of … 

Holton’s Canal, Menomonee  alimentary canal, South Menomonee 










Gastric Bypass

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery involves the creation of  …..







Gastric Bypass

Gas  tric Bypass

Gas  trick and the Interstate Highway Bypass

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery involves the creation of  …..




Gas leak suspected as cause of blast


Dec 7, 2006 – The cause of the deadly blast at the Falk Corp. remained under … Employees discovered a propane leak shortly before the explosion rocked




Let’s review the situation.

We started with Hannah Graham in year 2015

Her message at  12.55 –> suggests we look at carbon 12 atomic mass AND  ferrous oxide IRON atomic mass 55.85 (rounded to 55 or 56).


She is at a SHELL gas station –> Nature’s  atomic English language suggest that this may have  ….. or may not have ….. additional significance.

The ELITE  SUPERIOR thinker will quickly decide ……..  it doesn’t  have any relative importance …. final answer –> does not have importance.

People like myself will say ….  GEE, I don’t know.  I can’t think of anything …. at this time  … that the SHELL   station might be clue to a puzzle.



12.55  …. carbon and organic chemistry  molecules    … and Nature’s molecular continuums and their message mechanics ?????


I can’t think of anything ……… wll, maybe some idea will pop up into my consciousness  next week ..next month.  


Gas Station

Gas Station –SHELL   ……. electron shell  …. an INTERNAL electron thought  system would use a SHELL station as an OUTPUT message processing site on the geography surface of EARTH.




Above ……     the INTERNAL carbon family   …. 6 electrons 6 protons 6 neutron   …if they have THOUGHTS and if they COMMUNICATE   ….. they logically would use the SHELL station (see Below) 
as an output message site  …
especially one with  the earth address of 600 Preston  (600 implies atomic number 6 of carbon) for that optimization of message recognition.

In addition Preston –> subset letter codes –> Pres  + ton —> press tons/weight  –>  Nature’s communications news press  with EARTH Language (tons of EARTH  geology weight) and the CH ..Carbon/ Hydrogen continuum with CH = Charlottesville







Thus we have the Shell gas station  ….and Nature  trying to send some message about carbon and CH molecules  and Iron 55.85.


Carbon gas  molecules……. 






University of Virginia

University of Virginia

University of Virginia in city of CH ….  molecule CH

University of Virginia

University of Virginia as a subset embedded within Nature’s organic chemistry  system


The University of Virginia (UVA or U.Va.), often referred to as simply Virginia, is a public research university in CharlottesvilleVirginia. UVA is known for its historic foundationsstudent-run honor code

and secret societies.


A number of secret societies at the university, most notably theSeven SocietyZ Society, and IMP Society, have operated for decades or centuries, leaving their painted marks on university buildings. Other significant secret societies include Eli Banana,T.I.L.K.A., the Purple Shadows (who commemorate Jefferson’s birthday shortly after dawn on the Lawn each April 13), The Sons of Liberty, and the 21 Society. Not all the secret societies keep their membership unknown, but even those who don’t hide their identities generally keep most of their good works and activities far from the public eye.


A number of secret societies at the university, most notably the Seven SocietyZ Society,

A number of secret societies at the university, most notably the Seven Society of  4 DNA nitrogenous bases with nitrogen atomic number 7

A number of secret societies at the university, most notably the Z  Society of atomic number Z and atomic social engineering



University of Virginia

University of Virginia



Coordinates38.035°N 78.505°W



Coordinates38 in molecule city CH




Thus Hannah Graham code –> Graham –> subset Gra –> Grammar …… message about coordinates 38 in the organic moelcule table above.


Propane gas   (Shell gas station  at 12.55 at 600 Preston in city of CH)

12.55 –> pointer to IRON

12 –> pointer to the 12th month which is December

12.55 rounded –> 12.6  –> pointer to December 6 in the Milwaukee EVENT

12.55 –> number 55 ……average mass for IRON ….


Iron»the essentials [WebElements Periodic Table]


The most common ore is haematite (iron oxide, Fe203). Iron is found in other … Iron atoms have 26 electrons and the shell structure is The ground state …(Virginia and the IRON Foundary and metal-working  …… the partnership with the Founding Fathers of the Constitution and their iron Hemoglobin proteins that expressed INTELLECTUAL muscle)


Sasol Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology

G.C. Gerrans, ‎P. Hartmann-Petersen, ‎Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen – 2004 – ‎Physics


iron An element with the symbol Fe; atomic number 26;
Thus EVENT in year 2014 in CHarlottesville …..

Propane gas   (Shell gas station  at 12.55 at 600 Preston in city of CH)

12.55 –> pointer to IRON –> possible pointer to FALK iron gear PROPANE GAS event

12 –> pointer to the 12th month which is December

12.55 rounded –> 12.6  –> pointer to December 6 in the Milwaukee EVENT

12.55 –> number 55 ……average mass for IRON ….atomic number 26 –> number 2 + number 006 –> year 2006


Thus we have the year 2014 EVENT code 12.55 and organic chemistry continuum MAP

that states that the coordinates 38 of CH = Charlottesville  become  C3  H


The year 2014 EVENT  then points back to the year 2006 event (the iron pointer to Falk iron gear in Milwaukee)  and the cause of the explosion (the Charlottesville propane CODE),




Now, let’s look at another  EVENT in year 2014 …that is a  38th parallel (Korea) ….. parallel  LINK to  Hannah Graham at the 38th Paralale 
  1. University of Virginia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The University of Virginia (UVA or U.Va.), often referred to as simply Virginia, is a public research university in Charlottesville, VirginiaUVA is known for its …

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6 months for Bible in N Korea, local man says worth it

Oct 31, 2014 – Jeffrey Fowle, the Miamisburg man who became the center of an international incident when he left a Bible in North Korea, and who later .. 

6 months for Bible 

6 months for Bible

6 months for C = Carbon agent C = Christ  



Cross-correlation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Jump to Time series analysis – [edit]. In time series analysis, as applied in statistics and signal processing, the crosscorrelationbetween two time series …



Christ – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Christ is a translation of the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Māšîaḥ) and the Syriac ܡܫܝܚܐ (M’shiha), the Messiah, and is used as a title for Jesus in the New Testament.



The CARBON Twelve Tribes of Israel | Jewish Virtual Library

Jewish Virtual Library

The twelve tribes are as follows: Reuben, Simeon, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Benjamin, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Ephraim and Manasseh.

Judah – ‎Manasseh – ‎Ephraim – ‎Reuven 






The carbon continuum MAP  …….






Cross-correlation analysis – NED


Crosscorrelation analysis is the tool most commonly used in theanalysis of … Confidence levels for linear correlation can be found in standard statistical tables).




Jeffrey Fowle, Ohio man detained in North Korea, went to do …

Nov 1, 2014 – An Ohio man who spent nearly six monthsimprisoned in North Korea for leaving a Bible in a nightclub is home and talking about his …

Jeffrey Fowle, Ohio  man detained in North Korea, 

Jeffrey Fowle, O = organic  manuscript  detained in North Korea, 


Jeffrey Fowle 

……….. Fowl –> Flow  ..stream of conscious message to ………….


Jeff ….. Jefferson  ….. Thomas Jefferson’s univeristy  ……  





University of Virginia




University of Virginia



 Its initial Board of Visitors included U.S. Presidents Thomas JeffersonJames Madison, and James Monroe. Monroe was the sitting President of the United States at the time of the founding; Jefferson and Madison were the first two rectors. UVA was established in 1819, with its Academical Village and original coursesof study conceived and designed entirely by Jefferson


Oct 22, 2014 – An American arrested and held for nearly six monthsin North Korea for leaving a Bible at a nightclub returned home on Wednesday to tears of … 





 Jeffrey Fowle  –> Jeff message


 Jeffrey Fowle  –> Jeff message to coordinate 38  in Charlottesville  .. route message to Thomas Jefferson analysts 

In 1802, while serving as President of the United StatesThomas Jefferson wrote to artist Charles Willson Peale that his concept of the new university would be “on the most extensive and liberal scale that our circumstances would call for and our faculties meet,” and that it might even attract talented students from “other states to come, and drink of the cup of knowledge”
that it might even attract talented students from “other states to come
that it might even attract talented students from 
“other states to come 
“other geography states to come
“other STATES  of MIND 
“other states – quantum states  

Quantum state – Wikipedia, 


In quantum physics, quantum state refers to the state of aquantum system. involves superposition of


In layman’s term, what is a quantum state? – Quora

www.quora.com › … › Science › Physical Sciences › Physics


A quantum state is a vector that contains all the information about a system. However, generally you can only extract some of that information from the quantum state. This is partly due to the uncertainty principle and mostly just due to the nature of quantummechanics itself.



“other states – 

Scholarly articles for Markov transition states


Markov chain – Wikipedia


Jump to Time-homogeneous Markov chain with a finite state space– If the Markov chain