Miss Seeton — Scotland Yard secret messages to optical field agents of the British Empire

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The CIA, MI6 and Scotland Yard and other organizations use various communication methods to SEND messages out to the field. In modern times, in year 2012, such institutions have a official position in society ….with an official description of their functions and reponsibilities.
All such institutions …provide examples, templates, models of information structure with spies,
agents, chief inspectors, police captains, etc.

An   optical systems message ….. page 47 of –>

Miss Seeton at the Helm …in other words
Miss See ….look very closely …at the translated SIGNALS.

seepage 47 bottom seeton


Above, the human bio-computer messages. Humans are biology, optical, and audio computers. Have been for thousands of years.
The design and building of copper-write computers between 1950 and 1984 …the main frame HOST systems…like the system 370 with OS/JCL SNA VTAM ….are in some sense…mirrors of our bio-computer system and our bio-optical symbolic processor. Supersymmetry physics, the theory of mirrors and parallels helps us understand the modern PC situation in year 2012.


Copper-wire PC = Personal computer with DOS sotware and electricity / voltage
Biological PC = Person Computer with coffee, sandwiches and Voltaire philosophy

Example —. system 370 with OS/JCL SNA VTAM ….are in some sense…mirrors of our bio-computer system such as

the KING of Norway system …born in year 1937 with OS/JCL –> OSLO and their IMS biological database programming ERROR resulting the the physical DELETE of the IMS biology child records at UTOEYA. Europe universites deny that this possible ….since they are SUPERIOR to the UTOE = Unfied Theory of Everything and its various forces and components.


Above keywords….see the MISS SEETON page 47 BOTTOM of page …the word secrets as suugested by the
tragic EVENT of OC = OPTIC war –> Oak Creek Sikh temple shooting with Wade Micheal PAGE signal ……….such as cellulose PAGE 47 for Scotland Yard bio-optical human computer devices …that ought recognize the SHERLOCK HOLMES signals of MR.PAGE and his Holmes Street address in Wisconsin..

bit –> data bit

cross –> suggest that your mind do some cross-correlation thinking….such as the description given above about yourself ..and your eye/optical symboilic data procesdor and its needed input symbols from math and biochemistry textbooks. Now this LINKS to INTERPOOL –> which stands for the INTERPOLATION process…… give a set of empirical data points of a CRIMINAL EVENT ……. use the math experimental staistical processes of interpolation and extrapolation …to help build a MODEL of the crime EVENT ……..

and then go to the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) crime scene ..
that is the EDGE of criminal knowledge and look beyond ….at the EVENT Horizon ….. is anything NEW visibile ……per orders of the HAWK and his symbolic double-helix GIBBONS. .

This process with Cambridge DAMTP with Nick Manton theory of SKY applied to harmonic waves agent Lewin.SKY.

Mathematicians …some are special algebra subset agents for..
………………..cia ns –> cia n-space……


Thus the MISS SEETON –> See agent MAN with the weighted average label: TON …..

Nick Manton

nick manton

Nicholas Stephen Manton is a mathematician at the University of Cambridge whose work has mostly concerned solitons in particle physics. He is perhaps best known for his paper on sphalerons and for his work on the interaction of BPS monopoles

BPS –> Base Pair Systems …..

BPS …..helps explain the British Petroleum SPILL in G region …the G = universal gravitational constant hydrocarbon interacion region of the GULF of Mexico ……the interaction of 2 diffrent formats of hydrocarbon existential structure: oil and humans.


In addition …the theory helps explain ………………

These solitons are called Skyrmions, and they have very interesting polyhedral shapes. Improvements in computational power as well as mathematical insight has made it possible to construct and quantize Skyrmions as large.

Thus the World TRADE CENTER …….a SKY RM —-> Sky rooms —-> Skyscraper concrete/ iron/glass building is large ……..hence the SEpt 11, 2001 BATTLE of SKYrmions …as predicted by the MAN –> Manton math calculations about MAN –> Manhattan.

MONICA Lewinsky …..that is ..in science words……Harrm of Harmonica waves…..via feamle human messenger with President CLINTON …. ….. Harmonica Monica (Benjamin Lewin genetics) of the SKY/astronomy agent LewinSKY with Ken STAR astronomy laywer with proper noun Ken STARR. Thus the NICK Manton theory and Monica Lewinsky / CLINTON empirical data DISPLAY provided advanced warning by 4 years to NASA and the CIA about the plane geometry math PLANE attack of SEP 11, 2001. But….these things require anaysis of other things besides pizza menus and televsion programm schedules.



He’s a ghastly old bore. Common as dirt –> reference to BP = Earth geology and organic molecule /genetics Base Pair agent –> BP = British Petroleum and their drilling BORES into soil/ earth’s mantle …thus the gas/oil LEAK in the Gulf of Mexico provides data for the astrophysics achaeology RESEARCH PROJECT of Mary and L.S.B. Leakey …… .the information ZINjAN skull …..SYMBOLIC EXTENSION and the information LEAK provided by the DEEP UNDERCOVER project of the British Empire known as DEEP WATER Horizon.




At Scotland Yard —>


At S…..land
ATlas …LAND …..the Earth government of Nature …has its version of SCOTLAND YARD in other dimensions of the 11-dimensions of string theory geo-physics. The Scotlanf Yard known to the public has access to 3 or 4 dimensions of 11-knoewn dimensions of REALITY …as first suggested by the muti-faceted dinesions of Sartr existentialism.


Mobile –> reference to MOBILE hydrocarbon business organization with electron
orbitals in algebra subset format =
o…i….l = oil and its by-product MOBILE gasoline …sold thru retail gasoline stations in North America.




features now registered –> Computer Earth system 370 BASE registers for the North Europe BAL region…..the geo-computer region of BAL = Basic Assembler Language knwon as the BAL TIC.
The BALTIC agriculture farm regions …have …. over thousand years…supplied food for the humans ….to help them develop the eye BIO-OPTICAL advanced system know as the —>
eye + BAL + TIC –> thus the eye.BALL with TICK/TOCK ..the brain clock Thus we see ….at the atomic / biochemistry/ optical nerve level within humans …Nature has many biology and symbolic alphabet projects in the works.


Thus, a book like ” Miss SEETON” by Hampton Charles (DARWIN) expresses the current stage of Darwinian symbolic evolution of nous, verbs, math equations, chemistry formula VIA human carrier / the human information vehicles / the human expressor f—> social chemistry expressors of such math,physics, and atomic bio-physics ENGLISH language concepts..


The title ” Miss Seetom at the Helm” –> reference to the optical war of television broadcast manipulation ERRORS and magazines color TRICKS. Nature’s eye/brain has an optical military defence system …….that has been activated around the world.


Above we see 2 ports ….symbolic of 2 eye input data ports to the brain photon processor.
The white ship …..represents the white light optical spectrum and its its black ink images of English nouns and algebra equations ….. a life form known as symbolic life inside the brain optical computer.

Blue –> Blue eye of the IBM BIG BLUE optical bio-computer system.
BLUE = Base LU –> Base Logical Unit

Military codes ” SEE of Miss SEETON ” –> OC = OptiC war such as the OC = Oak Creek Wisconsin shooting at S = Spectrum inside the temple/brain –> at external location the SiKH temple/ concrete building.
Thus we see HERBERT Spencers year 1872 reference to Internal/external adjustments ……. in the year 2012 ADJUSTMENTS tragedy example —> with the internal SIKH brain Symbolic building … temple/skull/cortex external Sikh temple wood/concrete building in OC region, Wisconsin ….learn how to read PAGE from sherlock HOLMES .


The tragic event details….

Wade Michael Page, 40, is the man who allegedly attacked the Sikh Temple in
scene at E. Holmes Ave. in Cudahy, where police were searching a house into the first 30 minutes of the Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting.

Page 40 —> astrophysics PAGE from EARTH LAB  bio-math year 1940 …the  bio.log.y –> log y —> logarithms of Logan, UTAH …do not appear on the communications screen.    Is CALTECH  aware of the SCIENCE WARS?

Thus we see the SherLOCK Holmes ….English language…symbolic house of nouns, verbs, equations, engineering models, ……. the indirect message delivery system of Nature’s optics process ..known as symbolism …

Merriam- Webster dictionary

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible or


Above…..we see the EM –> ElectroMagnetic signals used by EM = Electromagnetic human life formats known as EMPLOYES and EM.basssy diplomats ……of the stange world of the CITY of light …that travels at 186.000 miles per second …..that is the CITY within the word —> veloCITY. Universities are ..in year 2012 …optical prisoners of the Solar System PHOTON WARS …they are allowed to communicate ….but choose IGNORE serious matters of television broadcast ERRORS.

Above…the Royal Ac –> 60 cycles of Alternating Current with 120 Votes of Voltaire …of Hertzian wave life and thoughts.

Above …twenty-minute —> twenty- twenty vision needed by the 20 standard amino acids in




Codes” SEETON at the HELM ” –> Socrates WAR ..the modern revenge for the ancient Hemlock poison murder of an intellectual.

Equation Socrates =S + ocr –> Spectrun optical character readers ….. in biology format …such as in ancient Greek langauge times with Socrates , Plato. etc.

The TRIAL of Socrates –> in modern terms –>

The Trial of  S + oc –>

Spectrum  Oak Creek
Spectrum  Oklahoma City 
Spectrum  Oceania Cole –> George Orwell and Northern ILL/sick Noise universel
Spetcrum –> Virginia TECH ENGLISH   class 101  ..how to give BASE 16 Hexadecimal  BS explanations about April 16

The TRIAL of Socrates


Continuing….the CIA, MI6, Scotland Yard …..


These visible organizations have their headquarter buildings, investigators, analysts, office clerks and secretaries. The secret of secret.aries is that they are agents for Nature’s intellect. Nature has many projects which involve subset humans and their subset institutions.


Nature and its  subset atomic bio-physics humanoid institutions.


Above we see a 4-wheeled computer device known as a data bus ….. that collects the 4 DNA information nucleotides from humanoid bio-computers that leave Scotland Yard and catch the BUS …..that is CATCH the DATA BUS ….. part of the city’s bio-computer INTERNET communications bus system ……. designed over 100 years ago as a bio-communications bridge ……. that was an extension of a cam.BRIDGE processing systems of those days.



Thus in sense, Nature considers the CIA, MI6, and Scotland Yard as agents of Nature. Thus we see a dual role: the institutions do their conscious MIND thing in the traditional manner AND Nature’s uses their Carl Jung collective unconsious MIND OR their eye/optical nerve symbolic preocess to work for NATURE’s projects. Nature is aware of the many LEVELS of thought…. the human forehead is basically aware of 1 LEVEL …. with people like SIGNAL Freud and Maslow aware of the levels/ the hierarchy.


Let’s continue with MISS SEETON signals.

seepage 1 bottom


Abive …we see the SKYrmions signal to Nick Manton at Cambridge …….SKY messages to astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) agents at DAMPT and CALTECH and Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics.


words –> Spassky’ the vicar had seized every op – port –> had seized every optic nerve I/O data port …..photon processor.

Thus we see the capture of British universities in the OPTIC WAR ….by their BRAVE NEW WORLD intellectual coward reponse …….to not analyze anything …such as the George Orwell OCEANIA propaganda BATTLE at Cole Hall oceanography class, DeKalb, Illi nois(e). The failure to help understand the OS = Optical Spectrum battle in OSLO resulted in the UTOEYA tragedy.
The LUNG = LU + NG = Logical Unit Norwegian Government lacks the awarenes and lacks the desire to understand the REALTIES of the modern world.


The above words …….
Spassky –> Spa + ss + sky + key –> Space solar system sky key

Russian –> Solar System 370 computer with 9 planets (8 data bit planets + 1 error checking bit)
Russian –> Solar System architecture VTAM RU SSI AN –> Request Unit BAL SSI instruction format Alpha/numeric

Thus we recognize the Solar System information processor …that is photons and BOTANY process of photosynthesis ……..
Photon + syntax + thesis (Nature’s cellulose essay in photonic language …such as used by the BAL: = Basic Assembler Language CHristmas decison trees of the BAL data procesing LAND ….LANDAU geo-physics region knoiwn as the BALTIC.

Above….we see the key word CONCEPTS:

Spassky …Russian Mr.TREE VES = Vector Space

Evergreen tree STAND ….a forest ….with its Base 16 language of HEX’Fo’ = 240 = Forest that …… thru the FOOD systems created human newspaper reporters with a FORE (ST) extension …known as a FORE.HEAD.


Thus the evergreen TREE stand communications pathway …that eventually resulted in the EVE –> EVENING Standard nerwspaper. Perhaps, someday MR.WOOD might explain these concepts of REALITY …using the name of BOB Woodward of the Washington Post ……… that prints many incomplete explanations of major events.

Thus we see that Stephen Hawking and Nick Manton …. also, are undercover astrophysics EARTH LAB ….CIA agents working on mathematical-physics criminal activities VIA humanoid bio-math structures ……… WALL Street financial math such as HEDGE funds …….. H + EDGE –> Hawking at the Edge of the optical universe ..known as the EVENT Horizon..
Does money disappear into a black hole … known as some financial institution collapse.


Thus we have the U.S.Navy YES- MEN in YE-men with the U.S.S. Cole incident of
OC = Optic signal of October year of 20/ 20 vision …that is OCT 2000.

The Attack on the USS COLE in Yemen on October 12, 2000
The Attack on the USA COLE in Yes-men  Oceania class at NIL university.

The message was repeated at U.S.A Cole Hall ocean ship classroom.

Thus we see the BRAVE NEW WORLD battles ……..the physical violence is an expression of the underlying social pscyhology wars in the Carl Jung atomic/ molecular collective continuum of the human species. Russell/Whitehead already covered the species problem in the year 1910 …… theory of featherless bipeds………in modern times ..
.the UNIVERSE of Chicago + Kennedy expresway to O’hare airport –> CHIC + Ken + airport –> intellectual chickens that can fly away from the modern SOCIAL SCIENCE Wars

page 83 messages


page 91 CLUES

seepage 91 top

page 92 …ZINJAN ——->optical archaeology …digging inside books and the optical information data stream.


page 166

Thus we see….thru MISS SEETON –> optical computer MISS = Management Information Social Schemes of

Miss Seeton photon PU = Processing Unit of human eye/ optical nerve VIA the system component PU = Publication industry that thinks that they control NATURE’s eye/brain symbolic processor. Television has the worst attitude problem. The American FCC allows television to broadcast optical attacks on the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer …………….. and SHERLOCK HOLMES and DR.WATSON (1955 version DNA and IBM) …symbolic life of proper nouns inside the optical brain CITY of thoughts……… has ordered Counter-attacks in American dirty photon tricks society…hence,

Sherlock Holmes ordered attack –> Hollywood optical COLOR movies …Aurora, Color war in COLORADO with James Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes in Milwaukee Wisconsin —> Oak Creek shooting with MR.PAGE from Nature’s Master brain engineering project profile……the MASTER Sherlock = S + Her + Lock ——> Spectrum Hertzian (Brain) LOCK –> system 370 applications signaling BLOCK .. . . . . . . . .

The Sikh Temple shooting —> symbolic of interior brain war ..the cortex/ skull/ temple  bio-computer system 370 WAR  …… the last signal from MR. Wade Micheal Page  and his residence  in 3700  Data BLOCK of Holmes Street  in Cu atom mass 63 with 29 electrons  (Earth copper atom field) –> that is the city of Cu = CuDAHY, Wisconsin is  a supersymmetry  city to the COMPUTER EARTH  IBM system 370   electron city  of element Cu –>  CITY  of  electri.CITY.
Thus Wisconsin CITY Cu (CuDAHY)   equates  to   atomic CITY life of  29 Cu 63.


Internet —> SIKH community seeks answers


Amateur radio call signs of Oceania – Wikipedia, 

call_signs_of_Oceania —> GEORGE ORWELL and 1984 messages 

Amateur radio or ham radio call signs are unique identifiers for more than 2,500 licensed operators KA#, KB6, KC#, KG, USA Islands, standard US prefix, KH# .

Thus we have General Carter HAM from  the EURO region of Europe …now at Fort Hood shooting inquiry.     Also, inquire about the OCEANIA class shooting at COLE HALL.


The modern mystery of Sherlock Holmes with red-headed Mike McQueary, Jerry Sandusky, Penn State University, and Cambridge University astrophysics.


Part I introduction for serious Sherlock Holmes fans that RESPECT his thoughts. You are NOW requested to report to DUTY .. on behalf of his spiritual and investigative legacy. He taught me ….many things…..and I am older and wiser …. and wish to show others what Sherlock Holmes really means. He is alive and well in my Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic processor ….that is the symbolic house within our brains with characters, algebra equations, chemistry formula, physics concepts …. known as symbolic life.

The Adventure of the Red-Headed League – Wikipedia, the free …

“The Adventure of the Red-Headed League” is one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. It first appeared in The Strand in August 1891.

In this story, Watson takes on a new position, doing clerical work. He found this exciting job through an ad which specified red-headed men only need apply.

mike football 2

Plot summary –


Sandusky trial: Former assistant coach Mike McQueary testifies

Mike McQueary – football recruiting
Mike McQueary was an assistant football coach at Pennsylvania State University until late in the 2011 football season. Wikipedia

Born: 1975, State College
Education: Pennsylvania State University
Position: Quarterback

The United States parallel to the Sherlock Holmes story is described below.
What has happened…..according to superymmetry physics and theoretical analysis of the atomic English language ….. is that the original story written in year 1891 was been converted to REALITY in year 1991 at Penn State.

In year 1891 ..it was a fictional story ..that could have happened ..back them. That story was read by the British magazine audience ….. and subsequently read by Americans.
The original story …… over a time period of 100 years…went from a fictional structure in the human stream of consciousness (STATES of MIND) to emerge in American society as a non-fictional structure in 1991 at Penn State University.

Let’s repeat those concepts and the language process control system involved.

In year 1891 ….we have proper nouns/concepts printed in the STRAND magazine.
Keywords –>

– word LOCK is a subset of word sherLOCK
– word LOCK …the story involved a planned bank theft of the safe/LOCK
– Pen –> writing instrument used by Sir Arther Conan Doyle
– Red Headed –> a man with red hair ..in the fictional story

Now in year 1891 …..the human eye/optical nerve read the story ..that was printed on cellulose paper and circulated to the British reading audience. That is …the EXTERNAL circulation of the words/nouns/concepts of the story VIA the STRAND magazine. The story is input to the INTERNAL bio-computer ….symbolic life within the human biological system and its related INTERNAL symbolic system. Thus the RED/READ blood cells acquire symbolic knowledge ….and the INTERNAL circulation system distributes the knowledge thruout the human body.

As such systems work, we see that all blood eventually converges to the LIVER …for analysis. In year 1726…the internal LIVER decided to publish its social views to the EXTERNAL world ….using the LIVER of Jonathan Swift to de.LIVER a book titled ” Gullible LIVER’S Travels”. We see the modern convergence of human LIVER formats to the EARTH LAB geography site known as “Livermore Labs” in California.

Thus we see the interplay between EXTERNAL circulation of printed ink symbols and the INTERNAL circulation of red/read blood cells and how they learned new thoughts and ideas in year 1891.
Thus we have year 1891
B100D …with the number
..100…. one hundred years …..thus something happens in NATURE’s systems …and then emerges in 1991.

What happened? That requires further study ..and the blog readers can provide that investigative role. They can form some coordinated group to help with the research and the flowchart models that will help explain these things.

At this point…….we see the empirical data situation in year 1991.
Let’s compare …..
year 1891 ——> 100 years ———> 1991

– ink pen of Doyle —> thin ink –> think pen —> Penn State
– sherLOCK —————> Locker room problem
– story RED-Headed ——–> witness Mike McQueary
– League ——————> football sports leaguage

We are reminded …of Willian Shakespeare statement
“The WORLD is a stage and we are the players”……………in modern words/example
“The WORLD is a stage and we are the football players at PENN STATE”

What’s happening? What is Nature telling us? Why won’t the British government and British universities help try to understand this..

Thus we see some PATTERN of human bio-computers and brain social behavior instructions.
Nature is trying to tell the intellctual community something ….because NATURE even had another
player/actor at Penn State.

Joe Patterno –> Job Order Entry Pattern Node

Tomorrow 10:00 –> Ten –> Tensor space/time messages

Cryptography and Algorithmic Randomness
Tadaki, K (Chuo University)
Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Series
The Sherlock Holmes adaptation …..EVENT description…empirical DATA.

Jerry Sandusky trial: Star witness Mike McQueary takes stand …

by Michael Muskal
Jun 13, 2012 – Mike McQueary, a former assistant coach at Penn State, described seeing Jerry Sandusky in the shower with a boy. Next on the stand: Alleged …

Mike McQueary takes the stand – ESPN

mike 3 football

WEDNESDAY 14 July @ 7pm: “The Red-Headed League” a Sherlock Holmes Mystery

In this story, Watson takes on a new position, doing clerical work. He found this exciting job through an ad which specified red-headed men only need apply. Out of the blue, the office is closed, and a sign posted “Red-Headed League is dissolved, as of today”. Mighty suspicious, eh? Find out more
Another CLUE below –> 14 7th month 7 PM.

WEDNESDAY 14 July @ 7pm: “The Red-Headed League” a Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Penn State Nittany Lions football – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

picture - atomic table 2

Nittany implies Nit –> Nitrogen atom used by our LUNGs and by DNA nitrogenous bases.
What is this piece to Nature’s word /concept puzzle ..being played out with
REAL atomic bio-physics humans.
Another CLUE –> The RED-Headed League with Football league

The Penn State Nittany Lions football team represents the Pennsylvania State University in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Bowl …
Another Clue…words –> In this story, Watson takes on a new position, doing clerical work

Year 1890 Watson –> Darwinian evolution to the Double-helix human version ..with
Year 1956 Watson double agents…..appear in humanoid format as:
……….Watson DNA
……….Watson IBM…

clerical work –> J. Clerk Maxwell em –> electromagnetic em = employees

Thus we see…from year 1891 …about 65 year later ..in 1956 ..WATSON takes on a new position …in the symbolic world…the intellectual world …the stream of consciousness expression VIA 2 humans: WATSON DNA + WATSON IBM …thus signaling the START of the world wide bio-computer project of Nature’s military government.

The Sherlock HOlmes adaptation …..EVENT decription of the new performance.

BELLEFONTE, Pa. — A former Penn State assistant coach whose account led to Joe Paterno’s downfall told a jury Tuesday that he heard a “skin-on-skin smacking sound” in a campus locker room one night in 2001 and saw something that was “more than my brain could handle.”

There was Jerry Sandusky standing naked in the showers behind a boy, slowly moving his hips, Mike McQueary testified. He said he had no doubt he was witnessing anal sex.
McQueary, one of the star witnesses in the child sexual abuse case against Sandusky, testified that he slammed his locker shut loudly as if to say, “Someone’s here! Break it up!”

Then, he said, he went upstairs to his office to try to make sense of what he had seen.
Sandusky, 68, is on trial on charges he molested 10 boys over a 15-year period. Authorities say he abused them in hotels, at his home and inside the football team’s quarters. The former assistant coach and founder of an acclaimed youth charity has denied the allegations.

Paterno was fired last fall, shortly after Sandusky’s arrest, after it became known that McQueary had told the head football coach about the shower episode a decade ago. Two months after his dismissal, Paterno died of lung cancer at 85.

– Penn State implies the ink pen and the publishing industry
– Joe implies bio-computer Job Order Entry signal for G.I. JOE …U.S.ARMY signal ignored in the Penn State trial.
– Paterno implies bio-computer Pattern node …..communications node for the world-wide subliminal MIND comminications BRIDGE …..monitored by can.BRIDGE university. They deny the existence of such possiblities …since they are intellectually superior to Nature and all things considered.
– Skin-on-skin implies the B.F. Skinner BOX experiments started around 1947 and continuing at Penn Stae in new formats
– locker room …same general warning signal as LOCKERBIE scotland and the air plane geometry battle
– Sandusky …..subset word SKY ….same type of signal as MONICA (Sky and Telescope magazine ) Lewinsky …..messages waiting for Cambridge University.
– molested –> social chemistry MOLE with
Avogadro’s number = 6.022 x 10 exponent 23 chromosome pairs
– lung cancer at 85 –> LU = Logical Unit with the E85 ethanol gasoline … social chemistry signal to hydrocarbon researchers
– 10 boys over 15 years –> Base 16 hexadecimal oxygen war with HEX’A’ = 10 American decimal code and HEX’F’ = 15 Faculty boys. The Base 16 HEX shooting battle was at Virgin TECH on April 16, 2007.

Another CLUE from the story outline……

Jabez Wilson, a red-haired London pawnbroker, comes to consult Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. He tells them that some weeks before his young assistant, Vincent Spaulding, urged him to respond to a newspaper want-ad offering work to only red-headed male applicants. The next morning, Wilson had waited in a long line of fellow red-headed men, was interviewed and was the only applicant hired, because none of the other applicants had hair to match Wilson’s red locks.

the KEYWORD to sports mystery –> Vincent , Spaulding, and Wilson
– Vincent Lombardi ….the BARD with Green Bay Packers football and literature
– Spalding – Sporting Goods and Athletic Equipment – Home
Spalding has long been a leader of innovation and quality in the sporting goods category. From the development of the very first basketball to the latest in …

– Wilson Sporting Goods
Wilson Sporting Goods products – staff and sports equipment, athletic clothing, shoes and tips for golf, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, softball, baseball, …


Thus we see several CLUES to a modern mystery. Please help with this project. The British INTERNET community may wish to consider that.

The newspaper reports are accurate…as to the surface veener of the Penn State situation.
But they have carefully neglected the deeeper levels of CAUSE –> EFFECT that underlie the situation. The univerities and the states of Pennsylvania and Virginia have no problem with the incomplete explanation of the tragic events. Perhaps, they will change their myopic views.
Meanwhile, the INTERNET community can rise to the challenge …. and re- open the biased rigged legal trial at Penn State …the trial with a pre-programmed biocomputer human brain jury.
At the least…we can explain Avogadro’s number to the world.

picture - avogadro number 2

sherlock   1

Plot summary

Outline of the original story …..BANK and the modern idea bank of the bio-electromagnetic optical data pipeline used by the huamn eye/optical nerve –> em.BANK.ment

Watson reading the newspaper to Holmes and Wilson.
Jabez Wilson, a red-haired London pawnbroker, comes to consult Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. He tells them that some weeks before his young assistant, Vincent Spaulding, urged him to respond to a newspaper want-ad offering work to only red-headed male applicants. The next morning, Wilson had waited in a long line of fellow red-headed men, was interviewed and was the only applicant hired, because none of the other applicants had hair to match Wilson’s red locks.

Wilson, whose business mainly operates in evenings, was well-paid, receiving four pounds a week for several weeks (equal to £330 today);[1] the work was obviously useless clerical work in a bare office. Finally one morning, a sign on the locked office door inexplicably announced that “THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE IS DISSOLVED.”

Wilson then went to the landlord, who said that he had never heard of Duncan Ross, the person who managed the league office. The landlord did remember the tenant with scarlet hair and gives him a card which directs Wilson to an artificial knee company. Wilson ends the story with how frustrated he is losing the four-pounds-a-week.

Holmes and Watson laugh a little over the ridiculous situation, but Holmes assures him that by Monday they would have the case solved. After Holmes’ client, Wilson, leaves (having given the detective a description of Spaulding), Holmes decides to go and see Spaulding, whom Holmes notices has dirty trouser knees. Holmes then taps on the pavement in front of the pawnbroker’s shop. With the case solved, he calls Police Inspector Jones and Mr. Merryweather, a director of the bank located next door.

The four secrete themselves in the bank vault and confront the thieves, John Clay, who has a long history of criminal activity already, and his helper Archie. Under the alias of Spaulding and Ross, they had contrived the ‘Red-Headed League’ rigmarole to keep Wilson out of his shop while they dug in the basement, in order to break into the bank vault next door.

Back at Baker Street, Holmes explains to Watson how he solved the case.
BAKER Street …plot continues with

Pastor, evangelist BO Baker dead at 86 – The Baptist Standard
Feb 22, 2010 – Pastor and evangelist BO Baker Jr. died Feb. 18 in Plano at age 86. He was a noted churchman, international evangelist, author and lyricist.

evans - 1 cover

Evans  -  2

Jim Bakker – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
James Orsen “Jim” Bakker (born January 2, 1940, pronounced “Baker”) is an American televangelist, … They left the Bible college to become evangelists.

Tammy Faye Bakker, 65, Emotive Evangelist, Dies – New York Times
Jul 22, 2007 – The elaborately coiffed gospel singer built a commercial empire around television evangelism with her first husband, Jim Bakker, only to see it …